How to finally start achieving your goals


Ah, goal setting. It’s something that we’ve always been taught is good practice & we all know that setting goals for ourselves is extremely important for continued success & personal growth. But, it can be very frustrating & discouraging when you don’t reach them. 

We hear all the time to “dream big!” and to set big goals for yourself. But, nobody seems to tell you how to actually approach those goals. 

I used to set goals for myself like:

  • Get a new job by March
  • Move out of my parents house by June
  • Become financially stable and independent

They seemed to be good goals to focus on, but I failed miserably at reaching them.

I eventually got to a point where I didn’t want to set goals for myself anymore. I would set big goals for myself, have high expectations for reaching them, then ended up perseverating on them to make sure I was successful at achieving those goals. 

It never worked. 

I gave up on setting goals for a while. I actually LOATHED goals with a passion. But I eventually started thinking that there HAS to be a better way to do this. I can’t just not set goals for myself because then I’ll have nothing to work towards. I do have big goals for myself because there’s so much that I want to do & accomplish in this life. My approach to goals had to change & if you’re reading this post, my guess is that you are looking for a different approach to your own goals.

If you’re at a point of wanting to give up on goals like I was, this post is for you! I want to share some secrets that have completely transformed how I approach goals. Don’t give up on them! Just implement these strategies!



One main thing that I don’t do anymore is put a timeline on my goals. It’s good to have big long term goals, but having a timeline for reaching them really just puts unnecessary pressure on yourself. 

However, there are some people that work better on a timeline. They find timelines to actually be motivating & helpful. But, if you’re anything like me, timelines only add pressure. 

What I learned is that having a timeline for achieving goals tends to overshadow things. It makes you focus on things that maybe you don’t need to be focusing on at the time. Sometimes, it’s better to trust the flow of things. To trust the process.

If you are struggling with reaching your goals and have a timeline attached to them, I would try taking away the timeline and see if that helps take away the pressure!  

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It’s good to have to have big goals. But, it’s even better to break down those goals into smaller goals that you can start working on now. 

When you break down big, intimidating goals into smaller goals, it makes it seem a lot more attainable. 

>> 5 Tips For Crushing Your Goals

The perfect way to keep track of those goals is in the right PLANNER! I have done the hard work of searching for the perfect planner and I want you to take full advantage of what I’ve found because it is GOLD.


I love this planner for so many reasons!

  • Monthly calendar
  • Daily schedule so you can map out how your day is going to look, space for to-do lists and daily notes
  • Daily gratitude
  • Weekend planning
  • Week reflection

This is absolutely the perfect planner to help you get organized and reach those goals!


I think that it’s really important to make sure that the specific goals that you are focusing on are ones that are in your control. This was one of my main mistakes. The goals that I was focusing on were dependent on some else. Like getting a job, for example. That goal is dependent on someone hiring me.

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Make sure that those bigger goals you are breaking down are broken down into smaller goals that are in your control.

For example, getting a job can be broken down into:

  • Apply to x amount of job per day
  • Look up common interview questions & write out answers to them
  • Ask someone to help me with mock interviews
  • Go to 1 networking event per week

See how those things are in your control? You can’t control someone hiring you, but there are specific things that you can focus on to enhance your chances of getting hired. Plus, when you achieve these goals, it makes you feel a sense of accomplishment because you are actively achieving your goals.

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At the end of the day, we all need to be setting goals for ourselves. They are great & it feels great when you achieve them. Goals themselves are great, but the stress & pressure on ourselves is not. If setting goals for yourself seems to add unnecessary stress & pressure, then try implementing these strategies & see if they help at all! <3

When you focus on what you are in control of, it opens your eyes to a whole new world of opportunities!

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I’m here for you & would love to support you in any way that I can!

Coach Jessie Shibko

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