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Manifesting is one of those things that seem just too good to be true, right? I mean, being able to create your reality just by thinking about what you want seems completely unrealistic.. But, so many people are talking about it, claim to have manifested their dream life and all of these amazing things, so now you’re curious about what they are talking about.

As a past skeptic, mindset coach and someone who has manifested several things for herself, helped coaching clients start manifesting for themselves, I’m sharing alllll of my secrets with you about how to realistically get started on your manifesting journey. You might want to save this post because you don’t want to miss out on this!

Ready to start manifesting?! Let’s get into it!


Things to keep in mind:


Remember, all good things take time. You can’t do these tips one time and expect everything to magically fall into place overnight. It might not even happen in a month, 6 months, or even a year. As long as you keep up with your mindset work, things will fall into place when it’s meant to. To say, “I’m going to land my dream job in 6 months” is missing the point of manifesting because you are focused on the timeline. It leads to stress & pressure on yourself. I’m not saying that it won’t happen, but it can add more pressure than anything.
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A lot of people try to get way too specific about what they are trying to manifest, so they get disappointed when it doesn’t happen exactly how they were “wanting”. The universe knows what you need and what you need isn’t always what you think that you want. Things like, “I’m going to find a $100 bill on the ground tomorrow”.

It’s important to break down your manifestations down into what it is that you really want. Yes, it would be nice to find a $100 bill on the ground tomorrow (& maybe you will!) but WHY are you manifesting it? Are you searching for financial freedom? Tired of living paycheck to paycheck and $100 would help out tremendously? If you don’t have any reason, why are you wanting to manifest it in the first place? Make sure you are focusing on the right things that you actually want and creating a lack mindset that is only bringing down your energy, unnecessarily.

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What to start doing:

Okay, now that we’ve talked about some things to keep in mind, now I’m going to walk you through some tips that are going to help you get the manifestation process started. Do these consistently and watch your manifestations start coming to fruition!


This comes back around to the timeline & specifics that I mentioned above. When you are manifesting, it’s important to stay tuned into how you are wanting to feel, rather than something too specific. Are you wanting to stop worrying about money? Are you wanting to feel loved by a romantic partner? Are you wanting to wake up everyday feeling excited and energized? Are you wanting your first customer/client in your business that you just started?

When you pinpoint what it is that you are wanting to manifest, break it down into what those feelings are going to provide for you. When you start focusing on the actually feeling & experience, you are telling the universe that you are ready to receive.


Once you get clear on those feelings that you want to experience with your manifestations, now start imagining yourself actually experiencing it. Close your eyes and visualize what your life will look like when this manifestation comes true. What is different about your life? What are you doing differently? What version of yourself is experiencing this manifestation?
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Make this a daily practice. If you want it to be your reality, you have to start changing the energy and allowing yourself to open up and feel what it’s like to be experiencing it.


Everyday, make sure you are claiming to be & already experiencing what you wish to manifest. Pull out your journal and start writing the phrases that you want to encompass based on what it is that you want to manifest. Who is it that you want to be? There is a saying, “dress like the job you want, not like the job you have.” This is the same thing. Talk to yourself like you already have it. Position yourself in a way that you are experiencing it already.“

  • “I am a successful business women”
  • “I am loved”
  • “I am wealthy”
  • “I am financially free”
  • “I am an amazing coach to my full list of clients”

Figure out what is it that you are wanting. Everyday start filling up a page in your journal with your chosen mantra.
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This is a friendly reminder that the energy you are putting out into the universe is the energy you are going to get back. If you aren’t showing the gratitude for the amazing things you have now, how are you going to expect to manifest anything more?

Even if you think you have nothing to be grateful and positive about right now, I want to challenge you on that. At the end of the day, you are reading this post somehow. You must have a phone or a computer, right? Maybe you are reading this on a public computer.. how amazing is it that you have access to a public computer? What about the clothes on your back? A roof over your head? Car to drive? Access to public transportation? Clean air to breathe? Fresh water to drink? Food to eat?

Do you get my point? We get so focused on what we don’t have, that we forget about all of the things that we actually do have. Start with writing 3-5 different things you are grateful for everyday.


Now that you’ve started journaling about what you are grateful for that you have right now, it’s time to show gratitude for what’s on the way to you. You have to position yourself like it’s already yours. Act like there’s a guarantee that it’s going to be yours. You don’t know when it’s coming, but you know that it’s on the way and how amazing it that?
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Start journaling about things like, “I’m grateful for the money that is on the way to me”, I’m grateful for the job opportunity on the way to me”, “I’m grateful for the clients on the way to me”, etc etc.


REFLECTIONS ARE SO IMPORTANT!!! Routinely doing reflections makes sure that you are focusing your mindset & energy on the right things so you aren’t unknowingly blocking your manifestations. It’s so easy to let the things that “aren’t going well” or all the frustrations that get stuck in your mind completely take over. So, it’s important to get into some kind of a reflection and pride journaling routine.

Personally, I prefer night reflections as the best option for this, but you can do it whenever works best for you. I like night reflections because rather than ending each day frustrated for what’s not happening for you, it helps with shifting your mindset to what IS going well. If you are ending the day feeling frustrated and like things are never going to work out for you, you are more likely to wake up the next day feeling unmotivated and frustrated.

This might seem like something that can be easily put off to the side and seen as something “not important”. But, I’m telling you, this IS important!! Especially if one of the goals your are trying to manifest has to do with being more aligned in your life and what you really want to be doing.


To manifest, it’s important to get in touch with your inner self and meditating is a wonderful way to do just that. Meditating can be intimidating and difficult if you’ve never done it before, but I encourage you to give it a try and don’t over complicate it. Find a guided meditation that feels aligned with what it is that you are wanting and commit to it consistently. There are so many different apps you can download to your phone and you can even find some on YouTube as well. Start with 2 or 3 minutes a day and go from there.
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If you can’t get yourself into meditation, you can also try EFT tapping. This is something that I have recently been getting into and I’m finding it to be a great option if you are someone who has trouble focusing for long periods of time. I’m personally loving the “Tapping Solution” app.


On your journey, it’s hard not to see & focus primarily on what isn’t going well. It can be hard not to feel frustrated when things aren’t falling into place as quickly as you would have hoped. Maybe you start to feel that this “manifesting” thing isn’t for you and you feel like you want to stop trying. These thoughts will never stop popping into your mind. It’s completely human nature to have these thoughts and experiences. The way to stay ahead of them and to not let them take over is to challenge them. Rephrase your thoughts in a way that is positive and motivating.
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“This isn’t working. It’s not for me, I should just give up trying.” → “Even though it’s not working out as quickly as I hoped, I know that I am still one day closer! I trust that everything will fall into place as it’s supposed to.”

Like I mentioned above, take away the timeline. Remind yourself why you are wanting to manifest this into your life.


When you believe in yourself and recognize all that you are doing, you are going to be more open to seeing & accepting opportunities that you wouldn’t normally see as opportunities. Sometimes, your manifestations come in opportunities that you might not realize. Maybe a job opportunity falls into your lap that you weren’t considering. Maybe someone reaches out to you to grab lunch and they had an opportunity to share. You have to believe that you have what it takes and to have an open mind. Even if the proposed opportunity isn’t the “end game”, it could be an important path in your journey. No matter what, you have to believe in yourself and show yourself praise often so you  are open to receive what is coming.


I want you to remember that every single person has the power within them to manifest the life they truly want. We tend to be so focused on the end goal that we get lost in the journey to getting there. Every experience in our life brings us to where we are supposed to be. In learning how to manifest and change your thoughts & energy, you are allowing the path to unfold as its supposed to.

Your journey is uniquely yours. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to live life. Just because you might be looking at someone else’s journey doesn’t meant that it’s a journey that was ever meant for you. You are here on this earth for a unique reason, to live a life that is not supposed to looks exactly like another person’s. Keep coming back to these tips on your journey when you need the reminders because I promise, if you stick to it, all of your manifestations are going to come true.

I believe in you, but you have to believe in yourself <3 Now, get out there and start ✨ MANIFESTING ✨

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