How you can completely transform your life in just ONE YEAR


Have you ever thought about where your life would be in just one year if you started taking action on your goals TODAY?!

Before I dive into this post, I really want you to think about this because I think it’s really important.

If you started today, where would you be in just one year?!

Let me tell you.. you can do so many amazing things in just one year & I want to use myself as an example because if I can do it, so can you!

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Years ago I was 25 years old, still living at my parent’s house, looking at my 2 degrees and wondering why the heck I couldn’t get my life together. There’s no hopeless, frustrating feeling like staring at your Master’s degree, applying to all the jobs, revising your resume a million times, connecting with & contacting all the recruiters you can find on LinkedIn while making a whopping $0/month income, feeling like you’re getting nowhere.

OCTOBER 2018 to OCTOBER 2019

You can see the stress and frustration on my face and in my body language in the picture on the left. I looked at this picture right after I took it and knew that I had to make some changes. All I knew to do at the time was continue working on myself. That meant dragging myself out of bed early in the morning to get in a sweaty workout.
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One year ago, I was confused, frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed and just wanted to get this thing called life figured out already. I was getting discouraged by seeing everyone else on social media seemingly landing prestigious jobs, buying houses, getting married, etc etc. I fell deep into “woe is me”, because that’s all I knew to do at the time. 

“Why is everyone else getting everything figured out except me? What am I doing wrong?”

It’s almost coming up on one year (October 31/Halloween to be exact) that my mom gave me the crazy idea to start my own business. I was already helping my dad with their social media, so why not turn it into a business and help other small businesses as well? The wheels started turning. I told myself that if I ended up creating this business, that I would find a way to use my platforms to spread as much positivity and inspiration as I possibly could. I had no idea where the business was going to take me, but I knew this was going to be the start of something so life changing if I stuck to it.

That’s when I decided to start my own business in Social Media Management & do lifestyle blogging on the side. I have since changed my business to Mindset & Confidence Coaching.

My mom giving me the idea to start my own business ultimately lead to me to understanding that I am in complete control of getting my life where I want it to be. I had no idea what that meant for me, but I knew that I had to put my complete trust in my faith and the universe to guide me to where I’m supposed to be.

In one year, I was able to create and accomplish things that I never even knew were possible for me. Seriously… you have no idea where your life could be in just one year if you start taking action TODAY.

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Learning & growth opportunities

Nearly ONE YEAR later and I can honestly tell you that I am in a completely different place than I was last year. It all started with working from the inside out. Believing in myself that I can do the things that I never put thought into because I didn’t think I was capable of it. 

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I hired a coach, put in the work, made mistakes, had mental breakdowns, experienced anxiety like I’ve never experienced before, connected with a whole bunch of awesome women, made investments, hired more coaches, curled up in a ball, cried some more, attended webinars, took notes, wanted to just throw in the towel at times and kept going.

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In the last couple months, I’ve felt an active calling to do more with my business. I’ve never known what people meant when they say they felt “called to do this/that”. But now I know exactly what those people are talking about. But, I had no idea what the universe was trying to tell me to do or how to even figure out what the heck I was supposed to do with this feeling. 

I didn’t know what to do to figure this out, so I started reading. 

I’ve never been a big reader because reading usually puts me to sleep (lol). But, I honestly felt an active motivation & energy to pick up all the books I could find and start reading.

So, I went to Amazon and ordered a handful of books. 

I also went to various Facebook groups and asked for recommendations of what to do. I learned about the power of meditation and manifestation. I journaled. A lot. I now have a new fire and understanding that I have all the power in the world to create something super powerful and fulfilling. 
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I told myself that I would create a platform for change, no matter where the journey decided to take me. When you understand your worth and the power you have, you can truly do anything with your life that you want to. As long as you don’t give up on yourself

There was one part of You Are A Badass: How To Stop Doubting Your Greatness And Start Living An Awesome Life by Jen Sincero that really stuck out to me. 

“Can you imagine if your favorite musicians never let themselves make enough money to buy guitars or take lessons or hire producers or buy purple platforms boots and tight sparkly pants or pay thousands of dollars for studio time so they could record the songs that saved your ass in high school? Or if the people who build airplanes refused to make the money they need to pay for the research and the materials and the factories and engineers and the electricity and whatever plethora of other costly things that go into building the miraculous flying machines that allow us to travel the world, hang out on tropical beaches, and visit the people we love so dearly?”

Just let that sink in for a second because this was so important for me to hear, I’ve read that paragraph many, many times. She’s talking about making investments and finding the money, but this also means that by not following your dreams & goals might mean not making the difference that you were supposed to make. There have been so many people throughout history that have made some incredible difference in the world. A difference that we are all reaping the benefits of every single day. Who says that can’t be you or I as well?

Over the last year, I’ve learned that sometimes the journey doesn’t look the same for everyone. We are all experiencing difficulties in our lives and obstacles that we are maybe a little bit ashamed of. But, if we can find the fire inside of us, we can truly make the difference that we were put on this earth to make. 

I truly believe that there’s more to life than just going to school, working until retirement, living for Friday and dreading Monday. What’s the point of that? I truly believe that it all starts from within & I have a very powerful message to spread here.

In just one year of taking ACTION, I have been able to completely transform my own life and I hope that I can help empower & inspire others to understand their worth so they can reach their full potential & transform their own life as well.

With all of that being said, let me ask you again… Where could your life be in just ONE YEAR if you start taking ACTION today?!

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