Why I made the transition to 5am workouts


Almost every time I tell someone that I go to the gym at 5am during the week, I get a “OMG you’re crazy!!” Every. Single. Time. You know what’s crazier?? I have the flexibility to workout at a later time, I choose to go that early.
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In college, I would go to the gym in the afternoon, evening, whenever I had time. I was extremely flexible with when I could go, depending on my schedule. Sometimes I even went around 9pm. My first year after college, I also went in the evenings, typically 5:30pm-7:00pm after work. Eventually, it became a hassle get myself motivated to go to the gym at that time.

The last couple years, I have gone through a lot of changes, like most people. My schedule has changed, I’ve changed. Getting myself to the gym started becoming a hassle and a chore. I kept bringing my gym bag with me to work and end up talking myself out of going. I knew I wanted needed to go, but my desire wasn’t there. By the end of the day, my motivation & energy was almost gone. I just wanted to go home and relax. Even if I did end up going, I did not want to be there would typically end up getting in a very mediocre workout. Plus everyone goes to the gym at 5pm and it’s super crowded. Ugh.

That is why I decided to make the change & it ended up being one of the best things I could’ve done for myself. Working out has always been one of my favorite forms of self-care & I knew that it needed to be a part of my daily routine.
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When I don’t workout, my mental health struggles. So, I knew that I needed to make a change. If you’re in the same boat as I was and struggling to get into a workout routine, I want to share with you why I think you should consider early morning workouts. It can be a daunting thought, but it might be worth it!



Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about myself and what works best for me. Contrary to most people, early mornings is when I have the most focus and energy. I know I need to get my most important tasks done first thing in the morning because that’s when I’m at my best. So, I had a crazy thought to try getting in my workout before work. Get it out of the way so I can spend the rest of the day not worrying about it.

I’ve always loved early mornings. I would always say that I wished I could get myself to workout early in the morning, but I thought it was a crazy thought so it never really occurred to me to even try working out so early because it seemed so crazy.

But, the more that I think about it, the more that it just makes sense for me. There’s something so refreshing about being able to put in my headphones & crush a workout before the sun comes up & everyone else wakes up. You know what’s also crazy? There’s even “crazier” people in the middle of their workout when I get there.

Here’s what I noticed from making the change:

  • I haven’t talked myself out of a workout since making the change
  • My mood is much better- I was waking up in a horrible mood almost every morning
  • I make healthier decisions throughout the day
  • I have more energy
  • I have much better focus
  • I get a quarter of a gallon of water in by 7am
  • My workouts are much more intense
  • My workout is done and out of the way by 6:30am

Granted, it took about 2-3 weeks for my body to get used to this new routine. I remember falling asleep at 4pm on day 3 of it. I started out with less intense workouts & stuck with it until it became a habit for me.

The thing is, you have to know yourself. Early morning workouts are not for everyone. Some people have much more energy in the evening, so that makes more sense. Going to the gym at 9pm sounds crazy to me! I prefer to be deep in REM sleep by 10pm.

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You also have to be able to make adjustments throughout the years. Listen to your body and know what makes the most sense for you. 5am workouts may never be feasible for some people & that’s OK. For me, this is what works.

>> If you are interested in learning more about how to make the transition, make sure you check out my 3 Tips for Early Morning Workouts! Also make sure you check out my post about My 10 Tips For Beating Bloat & Getting Back On Track. <3

Here are some of my favorite workout items!

ENGN Shred Pre-workout

This is my favorite pre-workout! I have tried many different kinds of pre-workouts and I love this one the most for many reasons:

  • Doesn’t give you an uncomfortable tingling feeling
  • Doesn’t make my tummy upset (most make me VERY nauseous!)
  • Tastes really good

My favorite way to take it is as a dry scoop 🙂

PERFOTEK Waist Trainer Belt

I’m sure you have heard of a waist trainer belt before, but haven’t really looked into it too much. After finally giving in and giving it a try, I am absolutely IN LOVE! I wear my PERFOTEK Waist Trainer Belt during cardio and take it off during weight lifting because I noticed that it was a little uncomfortable during weight lifting. What I love about it:

  • Makes you sweat SO MUCH MORE!
  • I feel like it enhances my workout
  • My abs pop out more
  • Great price for the quality!

Perfect Peach Squat Pad

I absolute love this pad! I don’t use it for squatting (however you can!). I use this for barbell hip thrusts. It makes it so much more comfortable because the bar can be really painful on your hip bones. This is a great quality and a great price. I have used this for about 5 years now and it is still in great shape!

FITGIRL Ankle Strap

I don’t know about you, but I find it kind of gross to use the ankle straps at the gym! I’ve been using this strap for years and absolutely love how comfortable it is! Not to mention how easy it is to alternate between ankles! If you’ve been looking for a good ankle strap for cable work, make sure you check this one out!

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If you have entertained the idea of working out in the morning, but you haven’t yet because you are afraid of how “crazy” it will seem to other people, you are truly holding yourself back. There is nothing wrong with working out first thing in the morning, especially if you think it will be beneficial for you & your schedule.

One of my favorite things to say is, take your power back! If it’s something that you would like to give a try, do it! I would also highly recommend reading my 3 Tips for Early Morning Workouts because I lay out exactly how I was able to make the transition and IT WORKS! Who cares if it’s super early and people might judge you?! You are there for yourself and that’s all that matters! <3
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Fitness is a very important part of my life. Most people who get into fitness get this feeling because it’s almost like you get to experience life in a whole different way. You feel better about yourself, you have more energy, you’re pleased with what you look like. There are so many benefits. I felt lost & insecure with myself when I was struggling to get myself motivated to go back to the gym. I go in more depth about this experience in My Fitness Journey | Choosing Yourself First.

For me, at this point in my life, going to the gym at 5am is what works for me! Maybe… just maybe you will like it too if you give it a chance. 🙂
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Coach Jessie Shibko

4 thoughts on “Why I made the transition to 5am workouts

  1. This is such great advice! I have never been one to work out early in the morning. But with life getting so busy I will probably need to start waking up earlier to get a workout in. Thanks for the motivation!

    1. Jessie Shibko – I’m Jessie Shibko, 28 years old from the suburbs of Columbus, OH. I’m a Mindset & Confidence Coach, Lifestyle Blogger + Social Media Strategist. I’m obsessed with living a healthy + happy lifestyle & I have always had a passion for helping others get the most out of life!
      Jessie Shibko says:

      Absolutely!! Glad you found it helpful 🙂 I know going that early sounds horrible at first, but for me, it was soooo worth it to make the change!!

    1. Jessie Shibko – I’m Jessie Shibko, 28 years old from the suburbs of Columbus, OH. I’m a Mindset & Confidence Coach, Lifestyle Blogger + Social Media Strategist. I’m obsessed with living a healthy + happy lifestyle & I have always had a passion for helping others get the most out of life!
      Jessie Shibko says:

      I go to bed at 8:30pm and wake up around 4 🙂

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